Body Love & Acceptance

I want to be transparent in my sharing and guiding. Loving my physical body has been an ongoing challenge. I know I’m not alone. The images we are exposed to through various media sources are often shaming. However I do recognize that we as a nation have made some progress. I can’t recall a time in my life where “plus sized” models were in all advertisements. Companies and agencies are learning to use models, actors and actresses who look like you, me and our neighbors.

Tonight I am proposing a different approach and outlook. Instead of waiting for the media to demonstrate what “real people” look like, accept your body and physicality as it is right now. Here are my tips to befriending and accepting your precious bod:

  • Stop comparing yourself to others. We all do this from time to time because we are human. Problem is it’s an unreliable and toxic method to get validation or a self-esteem boost. Accepting who you are does not include looking for the flaws or perceived perfection in others. If you find yourself lusting after the slim physique of another redirect your thoughts to what you do love about yourself. Another idea is to identify what you are grateful for as it relates to your appearance, health, intelligence, accomplishments and more.
  • Treat yourself! Whoever came up with this phrase is awesome. If I knew who said it first I would give them credit. Anyways, just as you would spend quality time with one you love we need to do the same with our bodies. Set aside time to pamper yourself physically independent of others. Examples of this practice includes massages, pedicures, mindful eating, drinking more water or even a warm aromatic bath. My bestie occasionally uses bath bombs from Lush which makes her feel amazing!
  • Shower yourself with love. The next time you are showering try shower affirmations. As you lather each part of your body say positive statements… outloud! “I love my skin. I love my shoulders. I love my cushioned abs.”
  • Buy and wear clothes that fit. Celebrate your curves, slender parts and bumps by wearing comfy attire regardless of the size. Sizing is inconsistent across manufacturers hence it behooves us to not use this to measure our worth. I’ll speak more on this in a different post down the road. I could really go on for days!
  • Stop dieting. Dieting is trendy and it always will be. Unfortunately trying the keto diet then the south beach diet next month it’s not an act of acceptance. Your dietary changes are best considered a lifestyle change for your overall health, well-being and a manifestation of self-love. Make healthy choices as an act of love. I don’t recommend making changes for any other reason.

You are beautiful regardless of size, shape, color, race, weight or height. Take time to celebrate who you are and accept your imperfections. Our bodies will be relieved when we get to this place because the abuse, shaming and mistreatment will end. Your imperfections are what has created the perfect unique you! Only you can be you… and that’s perfection !

“We cannot change anything unless we accept it. ” – Carl Jung

*Photo Credit to Institute for the Psychology of Eating

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