As you can see, this is my first posting for Enrich. I am grateful that you have stopped by to read my words. I decided to create this blog for those of us who are working on self- acceptance, personal growth, intuitive development and walking in our truth.

Regardless of how you frame your positive intentions, the objectives are the same. Whether you are seeking to get clarity from your higher self about your next career move or starting a meditation practice for trauma healing, some of methods to achieve these goals are the same. In efforts to uncover your next career move you may attain some amazing insights about past job choices and patterns. On your healing journey you may discover maladaptive coping such as dating the same narcissist type over and over. Trust me I am not judging because I have done it plenty of times. Awareness is an amazing gift!

In addition to “growth methods”, I plan on teaching specific practices and skills for self acceptance, compassion and expression of emotions. In my work, I have told numerous clients to “let their emotions out”. More often than not the response is, “I don’t know how” or “that’s a weakness”. No longer is this a shocking response. I now expect similar responses to this because it demonstrates how endangered we are for not permitting emotions to have their place. Your feelings have a purpose and not honoring them has consequences.

Finally, I have all intentions of sharing experiences, tribulations, photos and testimonies from my personal self-acceptance journey. I have no shame! I am also on an unbeaten path to reach my next level. Going against the grain can be lonely so here I am to support and guide. Let’s do it!

3 thoughts on “Growing

  1. Looking forward to seeing this blog grow!! Love the topics you want To cover and find your willingness to share your own life and experiences intriguing! Congrats on your first post!

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  2. I’m looking SOOOOOO forward to reading your blog! What a gift you are giving by sharing this incredible information. I’m super excited for the next posts! You are such a rock star! Congratulations!!!


  3. I’M LOVING YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!! I especially appreciate treat yourself, for when you treat yourself first, then you can treat others with KINDNESS!


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