Good evening Enrichees!

I hope most of you took the time yesterday to do a Full Moon Ritual. In a previous post I mentioned rituals for the new moon but it is also recommended by yours truly to take part in a Full Moon Ritual. The focus for this ritual is to release the old. Release those emotions that no longer serve you. Release those thoughts that no longer have a positive intention. Release those hurtful memories that you no longer need to learn from. Release the fears that are haunting you. Release the negative energy you’ve been grasping onto.

In the event you did not take part in a Full Moon Ritual, please take notes on what to do next time. This way you will be more than prepared to set your life for good intentions.

  • Make time for a 5 to 10 minute meditation.
  • Before you start this meditation I want you to first ask out loud, “What energy do I need to release this season?”
  • Once you have closed your eyes take 3 deep, cleansing breaths.
  • Relax your shoulders and envision a glowing white light on your heart (unconditional love) or you on your forehead (3rd eye)
  • Make a list on a piece of paper that identifies everything you want to release.
  • Take this paper outside and read it under the moon. “These are all the things that no longer serve me and I chose to release right now:”
  • Read your list. If you want to burn the list you may do so but please be safe and ensure the fire is out when the ceremony is over.
  • Finally, say a prayer or affirmation of good intention. Here are two examples:
  1. “Father in the name of Jesus, I release all energy that no longer serves me this day. I open myself up for positive change, growth and guidance from your angels. I am grateful for life, liberty, happiness, peace and every breath I take!”
  2. “In this moment I want to thank the Universe for all positive energy surrounding me. I am grateful for every breath I take and Spirit’s guidance. I release every thought that does not serve me. I release all emotions that are not my own. I am open to guidance and my communication pathways are now clear!”

The next full moon is on January 31st, so be ready!  Mark your calendar now and make an alert in your smart phone. If neither of the above prayers and affirmations resonate with you check out Pinterest or Google around for one. I encourage you to write your own when you are moved to do so.

I wish you peace!

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