Mid January Check- In

Good evening Enrichees!

I trust all is well with everyone. All is well here. I’m optimistic and ready for more amazing experiences in 2018. We are a little more than two weeks into the new year and I have certainly experienced some ridiculous things. Just when you thought the test was over… Nevertheless, all is well with me! I’m resilient. I want you all to know shitty, unfair, annoying, disturbing and grievous experiences are going to be a part 2018 as well.

How many of you have heard 2018 is the year of change, new beginnings and gratitude? There have been plenty of this and I believe it all. However we have to be prepared for the tribulations and devastations that come with greatness! The magic will not simply happen because you are breathing and eating. Imagine the beauty of Spring after a harsh and dry winter. It is not just the spring that brings new birth and glorious flowers and vegetation, it is also the brutality of winter that ushers in the new beginning, the new birth of Spring. Do you see where I am going?

In order to reap the blessings of 2018, stay determined, grateful, vigilant and undistracted. Every horrific thing you have experienced is slowly giving birth to what you’ve been hoping and praying for. Some labor may be more complicated and require more effort, gratitude and patience but I am here to tell you it is going to be so worth it. That said, let’s celebrate and prepare for the goodness! In 2018 your blessing is coming if you stay strong and unwavering. Honestly, you can miss it if you are stuck in your grief, anger, strife and negativity. If you get tired lean on a loved one to get you through but don’t let them do the work FOR you. If you want the reward work out your own salvation.

Peace & Love


Look Forward in January

The month of January is named after the god Roman, Janus, with two faces. One face is looking onwards and the other one backwards. We are all doing this during in the beginning of the month especially to some degree. There may be some disappointment because you didn’t complete a goal. Maybe you didn’t get that raise you wanted. Perhaps you broke up with your partner of many years. You wanted to go on vacation but it didn’t pan out. All is well!

I encourage you to look forward. Acknowledge your feelings and label every single one so you can put them away and not look back. There is nothing in the past for you. The time is now. This year is full of opportunity, growth, hope and love. Surrender to the present and expect greatness!