Good evening Enrichees!

I hope most of you took the time yesterday to do a Full Moon Ritual. In a previous post I mentioned rituals for the new moon but it is also recommended by yours truly to take part in a Full Moon Ritual. The focus for this ritual is to release the old. Release those emotions that no longer serve you. Release those thoughts that no longer have a positive intention. Release those hurtful memories that you no longer need to learn from. Release the fears that are haunting you. Release the negative energy you’ve been grasping onto.

In the event you did not take part in a Full Moon Ritual, please take notes on what to do next time. This way you will be more than prepared to set your life for good intentions.

  • Make time for a 5 to 10 minute meditation.
  • Before you start this meditation I want you to first ask out loud, “What energy do I need to release this season?”
  • Once you have closed your eyes take 3 deep, cleansing breaths.
  • Relax your shoulders and envision a glowing white light on your heart (unconditional love) or you on your forehead (3rd eye)
  • Make a list on a piece of paper that identifies everything you want to release.
  • Take this paper outside and read it under the moon. “These are all the things that no longer serve me and I chose to release right now:”
  • Read your list. If you want to burn the list you may do so but please be safe and ensure the fire is out when the ceremony is over.
  • Finally, say a prayer or affirmation of good intention. Here are two examples:
  1. “Father in the name of Jesus, I release all energy that no longer serves me this day. I open myself up for positive change, growth and guidance from your angels. I am grateful for life, liberty, happiness, peace and every breath I take!”
  2. “In this moment I want to thank the Universe for all positive energy surrounding me. I am grateful for every breath I take and Spirit’s guidance. I release every thought that does not serve me. I release all emotions that are not my own. I am open to guidance and my communication pathways are now clear!”

The next full moon is on January 31st, so be ready!  Mark your calendar now and make an alert in your smart phone. If neither of the above prayers and affirmations resonate with you check out Pinterest or Google around for one. I encourage you to write your own when you are moved to do so.

I wish you peace!

Fruit Infusion

Good morning, Enrichees!

I want to take this moment to share my experience with you, as always. Yesterday during my meditation I did not have a particular focus. I typically don’t and that’s my intention unless life is serving huge lemons! If I ever focus on anything it is my 3rd eye (indigo) or heart (green) swelling with their respective colored auras swelling and growing. But this is not about chakras! Wait, maybe it is?

Back to the meditation! I sat with my sage scented candle burning, rain drop nature sounds and my notebook before me. My quiet time lasted only 15 minutes. I use a timer so I don’t get caught up and wind up late for work. Once the timer nudged me, I blew out my candle and instantly knew what needed to be added to my diet and routine. I saw in my mind fruit infused water, especially citrus fruit with lemon balm essential oil in a clear pitcher and a bottle. Needless to say today I picked up some organic lemon balm oil on my travels. Thankfully I already had fresh lemons and limes on deck. My first serving of this fruity nutritious blend is sitting in my fridge. I look forward to taking my chug tomorrow! I also look forward to perfecting the recipe.


This is an excellent example of how good intention is a fertile ground for our guides and God to plant seeds of direction. With our openness and reduced expectations of the meditative experience, we are receptive to what we need to know and what we need to hear. Setting aside our humanness and greedy demands allows us to see and hear what is intended. This reminds me that nearly a month ago I asked out loud before meditation, “What does my body need?” Now I have an answer. I saw it. I wrote it down. I fulfilled what I saw.  As you can see my answer was not immediate and that is alright with me.

I am grateful for being able to receive this message. I am grateful for the time I had available in my schedule to get the supplies I needed. I am grateful for the resources to make it happen. I am grateful for direction. I am grateful for guidance. I am grateful for God’s love.

Hopefully this will encourage and motivate you to take up your own mindfulness or a meditation practice. Prayerfully it will empower you to set positive intentions.  Perhaps you will be moved to simply eat (or drink) more fresh fruit. Be empowered! Be enriched!

-Tamieka XOXO

New Moon

Hello Enrichees,

Regardless of your religious orientation or spiritual beliefs, I encourage you to take part in a New Moon prayer or ritual. There are 29.5 days from New Moon to New Moon . Hence, this is roughly a monthly practice. A new moon prayer is a wonderful way to set good intentions for the days to come. Because this will be a frequent practice it is also an opportunity to reset your mindfulness goals, self love strategies or maybe even revised some positive affirmations you’ve been speaking into the Universe. If you practice cleansing methods such as smudging I encourage you to do just that before your New Moon prayer.

Bless you all.

Tam 🌚


I had a weekend laced with insecurity. Yes, it happened. I’m only human and I’m not mad about it. On Saturday evening, my partner and I were together lounging and relaxing. Out of nowhere I asked him why he had not initiated cuddling. He gave me a blank stare. I then went on to explain that I wanted him to not only snuggle with me but to initiate it. He said, “If you want to be close to me just get closer.” The response only made me upset. I felt let down, disappointed and invalidated. I couldn’t even articulate the reason for these feelings but he could sense them churning.

Some of you may be thinking my boyfriend should have just gotten closer and did some cuddling. If he snuggled with me it would have put an end to it all, right?  That is what I thought at the moment and even on Sunday. However I don’t think so any longer. It is now Wednesday. The more I became objective and emotionally distant from the situation the more I noticed my insecurity got the best of me.

Here is the dilemma folks! Ready? When my guard is down and my vibration is low I slip into old habits. This old habit is seeking a “pacifier” and expecting him to read my mind. In other words, instead of self- soothing I was grasping for him to save me from my low emotions although he had no clue how I was feeling. I was stressed out from work demands that I had not disclosed to him. In addition, I had been feeling sick (off and on) for over two months because of some respiratory infection that just won’t go away! There were some other things happening but I don’t recall right now. The point is I wanted him to magically read my mind AND follow-through with what he read in my mind. In a way, I set him up for failure when he did not have a clue what was happening inside of my head. When he couldn’t read my mind I got upset. This disappointment only reinforced the insecurity. A vicious cycle like no other! Who else has done this?

Sadly, I have been in numerous relationships with damaged and broken people. Hurt people, hurt people. I am a survivor who recognizes the consequences of these experiences. Insecurity is one of the consequences. Let’s look at the definition. I like this routine it’s a great refresher.


  • uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence.
  • the anxiety you experience when you feel vulnerable
  • lack of security
  • the state of being open to danger or threat; lack of protection. (thanks Google)

When the insecurity happens I expect my partner to swoop in to protect and eliminate this anxiety even if they do NOT know the insecurity is happening! Dealing with the insecurity is my job. If he manages it and attends to the lack of confidence and anxiety it will only worsen. It’s similar to giving your child praise for a temper tantrum.

My partner is my lover and will always support me. I am so grateful!  Magical thinking and unrealistic expectations are irrational. If I needed more touch from him I could have asked or initiated. Plain and simple. I’ve never been rejected. I’ve never been shunned. But my mind and emotions recall the rejection and hurt from past boyfriends when my guard is down. There is the insecurity!

It took days of reflection and meditation to get to this understanding of myself. I am being transparent tonight so my gain can be your gain. Feeling insecure is not your fault. The insecurity is a symptom of a horrific experience(s). We have to figure out the root then work towards the healing. Unreasonable expectations of others only sets loved ones up for no follow-through. When they can’t follow-through your needs are unmet. Epic fail.

The next time you feel that insecurity label it as such. Take a break for emotions to calm. Then reflect by meditating and journaling. Be patient and the insight will hit you. When it dawns on you don’t be ashamed to grieve. You’ve been through hell, but you will rise from the ashes like a Phoenix!